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Best-Selling Products

Cres Cor H-135


Holding & Merchandising > Heated Holding Cabinets

The H-135 from Cres Cor is a fully insulated holding cabinet that heats up to 200°F (93°C). The body is constructed of non-corrosive, hi-tensile aluminum and the insulated dutch doors prevent temperature loss. Options and accessories include full view window doors, red vinyl doors, extra Universal Angles, floor lock, and various castor options.

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Electrolux Bermixer

Food Preparation & Processing > Handheld Mixers

Electrolux's B3000 Bermixers are ideal for daily use preparing soups, sauces, pastry, and more. Bermixers are light-weight, reliable, and completely cleanable due to their blade assembly, which can be removed without any tools. Available in four different wattages. 

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Vitamix Vita-Prep #1002

Beverage, Blending, and Juicing > Vita-Prep

Vitamix's Vita-Prep is powerful, versatile, food processing tool that delivers quality consistencies and textures. It boasts a powerful  ≈2 peak output HP motor, variable speed and acceleration control, and comes with a high impact, 64oz container. 

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