Combi Steamers with Boilers

Combination ovens are rapidly growing in popularity in Canada because this single piece of equipment can replace a single-purpose steamer, a low temperature oven, and a convection oven all while reducing costs, reducing labour inputs, and producing high quality food products. 

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Why Purchase LAINOX Combination Ovens from Chesher?


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Why Purchase LAINOX Combination Ovens from Chesher?

  1. LAINOX has been focusing on the development of high quality and reliable steamers and companion blast chillers since 1981.
  2. LAINOX's R&D focuses purely on the real challenges found in today's kitchens and provide you with simple-to-use solutions that consistently create superior food.
  3. LAINOX's combi ovens generate a very high return on investment. Normally, a consumer can generate a 100% R.O.I. within 4-12 months while using a LAINOX combi.
  4. LAINOX can effectively gaurentee that its products are not only operational tools for cooking or food storing, but they are real devices for cooking food
  5. LAINOX can effectively gaurentee that its products are not only operational tools for cooking or food storing, but they are real devices for cooking food
  6. Chesher’s Sales Team is comprised of accredited chefs so that we can provide customers with solutions and therefore a unique consultative sales approach




LAINOX Naboo - "The Connected Cooking Technology" 

Enter a world of possibilities with the LAINOX Naboo range of Combination Ovens from Chesher Equipment Ltd.  Naboo is the first device for cooking and represents a significant breakthrough using tablet style technology.

The absolute unique feature that distinguishes Naboo from all other professional ovens is called the Cloud.  The Cloud offers our clients a rich and constantly evolving resource library filled with complete recipes including the history and origins of the dish, the ingredients required to make it, step by step instructions how to prepare the dish and of course the ability to click one button to download the recipe right to your Naboo. With this system you are continuously connected to the web and therefore to an endless source of information and ideas. 

The process is simple, unique and even offers a collaborative approach to the chef community for their recipe submissions.  Naboo provides our customers with the Interactive Cooking System, which not only provides transparency about the recipe but leaves the architecture completely open for a chef to modify and customize to achieve their personal culinary style.  Even though the Cloud has put Naboo head over shoulders above traditional combination ovens, there are other advantages of the Cloud and features of the unit that make it a “must” for chefs who want to offer something new to their clients. 


Treasure Chest on the Cloud

Once a chef has registered to the LAINOX Cloud with their Naboo, their recipes and a copy of their own Naboo settings are automatically saved in the Cloud.  Chefs often have to move from one kitchen to another bringing along with them their recipes and personal notes.  With the “Treasure Chest,” this will no longer be necessary because all the Chef needs to do is access another Naboo and they are able to log on with their username and password and all their personal content will become accessible to them right away. 


The Chef Portal

The Naboo Chef Portal has recently launched in mid-November 2014.  Every Naboo user will have access to this where they can create, modify, and refer to the recipes present in their own Naboo.  It is accessible from any tablet or smart phone.  Thanks to the Chef Portal, Chefs can remotely monitor their Naboo anyplace anytime.  Chefs even have the ability to activate their Naboo through a smart phone or tablet!



An important feature to have on a combination oven is the ability for standardization, especially for chain customers.  LAINOX provides a free synchronization service that allows a chain Naboo user to send new recipes to all the chain locations with one simple click.  In addition, the recipe can be supplied with all the necessary information to carry out the recipe to the required standards including: ingredients, preparation instructions, automatic cooking program and description, photo of the presentation of the dish, and the option to attach a tutorial video for staff training. 


Remote Service

In the QSR business getting immediate response when it comes to technical service during core business hours is a fundamental importance.  The Naboo’s built in Cloud Technology allows a service company to remotely access your Naboo and provide an immediate response.  Because of this unique service provide to you by LAINOX it will result in a quicker diagnosis and problem resolution resulting in less downtime.


Technology in its Best Form

The modern design of the Naboo not only is attractive but adds a series of functions and innovations.  This is the case with the new automatic door opening feature that allows the user to open and close the door by simply pushing a button providing maximum ergonomics even with your hands full.  Another innovative design is the organized hideaway space for detergents and various accessories such as the hand shower, core probe and USB port.  Additionally, the Naboo has a 10” HD Android tablet touch screen, which can be configured based on the user’s needs. 


Exclusive SCS Solid Clean System

Naboo has introduced a new exclusive cleaning system, the SCS Solid Clean System.  LAINOX far exceeds current systems, both those that need floor standing bottled detergent and tablet cleaning systems.  With the new cleaning system there is a drastic reduction in cleaning time compared to traditional combination ovens.


NEW Detergent and Descaler

With Naboo, the new cleaning detergent is a soluble material that is screwed into a dedicated drawer in the front of the unit and then automatically dosed into the oven.  The Solid Clean is then perfectly mixed in the machine internally and stored ready for cleaning when operator is ready.  The new descaler system, Solid Cal, keeps the steam generator free of lime scale.  The advantages of the new product are: elimination of breakdowns due to the accumulation of lime scale, steam that is always abundant and pure, maximum energy efficiency, increased performance over time, longer life for the steam generator, and lower maintenance costs.


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