Custom Serving Counters

BSI offers both modular and custom serving counter options. The EURO+SERVE system is a cost-effective modular counter system offering a variety of finishes and countertop materials. BSI's custom serving counter designs offer unparalleled design flexibility, competitive pricing, meticulous fit and finish, and unprecedented engineering quality.


Custom counter fabrication

Models Description
ESBC Modular cherry wood base element
ESBC-R Modular cherry base element with recessed desk
ESBS Modular stainless base element
ESBS-R Modular stainless base element with recessed deck
ESM-D2 Bread drawer stack
ESM-SL Storage cabinet with sliding doors
ESM-SO Open storage cabinet
EST-EB90 90° half-height tray/bowl/plate/base
EST-EC90 90° end cabinet with display shelving
EST-PO Pie cabinet with open storage
EST-PT Pie top


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