BSI Heated Merchandisers

BSI offers free-standing and drop-in/counter-top solutions for warming food. The Solera merchandiser line offers pre-designed and custom ceramic heating models and the Market-Tech heated merchandisers come in a range of shapes and sizes. 

Models Description
Solera Hot Top Merchandisers
HTD-INF Glass ceramic heated drop-in display
HTC-INF Glass ceramic heated counter-top display
HTD-INF-INF Glass ceramic heated drop-in display (no flange)
HTD-INF Custom Custom glass ceramic heated drop-in display
Market-Tech Heated Merchandisers
HFT Rotisserie chicken merchandiser
HFTC Rotisserie chicken/hot wing combo merchandiser
HHX Hexagonal hot prepared food merchandiser
MHI2 High capacity hot prepared food island merchandiser
HMSB Combo hot meal/soup buffet merchandiser


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