Sanamat Inox

The Sanamat Inox is a compact commercial juice extractor built for the daily use right in front of the customer: in bars, restaurants, coffee-shops, tearooms, hotels, homes, clinics, and diet kitchens.

The patented construction, and the electronically controlled 2 high speeds of 5500 and 7200 rpms guarantee a maximum juice yield. Use the higher speed for the efficient juice extraction of hard vegetables. The silent lower speed is ideal for soft fruits.

The lid, juice collecting bowl, centrifugal basket and grating disc are made of dish-washer safe polished stainless steel. The grating disc, which screws into the centrifugal basket, can be easily replaced if needed.

The motor will only run if the lid and safety clasp are closed. Opening the safety clasp activates a brake with immediately stops the centrifugal basket. The power supply is interrupted at the same time.

Sanamat Inox spec sheet 


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