Scale Control

Lime scale is one of the most significant maintenance problems for operations arond the world. Lime scale reduces the efficiency of equipment and damages components, costing businesses money. Vizion has a complete line of systems to help operations reduce lime scale, reduce overall costs, and protect equipment. 

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Scale Inhibitor


Hardness Reduction System

Scale Inhibitor

Protect ice-making equipmetn from lime scale buildup. Vizion's Scale Inhibitor system uses a unique blend that inhibits lime scale caused by minerals left behind by hard water. This helps ensure the proper function and longevity of ice-making equipment. 

Product features include:

  • Reducing scaling on ice machines.
  • Patented anti-scale dispensing system.
  • Controls staining from iron and manganese. 
  • Available with a blue or a clear bowl.


Model Spec Sheet Capacity Per Minute
SI-XL spec sheet 6 gal. (22.7 litres)



Vizion's Template-Assisted Crystallization system uses a unique technology to convert hard, dissolved minterals into harmless, inactive microscopic cryastals that are relatively insoluble. This reduces lime scale by 96-98% which helps keep equipment running in peak condition. 

Product features include:

  • Significantly reduces lime scale.
  • Maintains water minerals that are beneficial to health.
  • No chemical ingredients added to water.
  • Produces no water waste.
  • No cleaning needed. 


Model Spec Sheet Capacity Per Minute
TAC-05 spec sheet 5 gal. (18.9 litres)



Hardness Reduction System

Vizion's Hardness Reduction System protects espresso-based coffee and steam equipment from lime scale buildup. This system utilizes a five-step process to remove scale-forming ions to ensure equipment is protected from lime scale buildup, optomize beverage quality, and reduce maintanance costs. 

Product features include:

  • De-carbonization technology removes scale-forming ions.
  • Blend setting for specifying the level of hardness reduction.
  • Reduces service issues and costs. 
  • Can be installed and operated horizontally or vertically.
  • System includes flush valve,carbonated hardness kit, and fittings to allow 1/2" ID hose and/or 3/8" OD tubing.
  • Working pressure: 29-116 PSI (2-8 bar)
  • Water temperature: 39-86°F (4-30°C)
  • Ambient Temperature: 38-100°F (4-40°C)


Model Spec Sheet Inlet Connection Outlet Connection Cap. with Steam Generation Cap. without Steam Generation Cap. for Combi Steamer/ Oven Capacity for Chlorine, Taste, Odor Reduction
HRS-200 spec sheet 3/8" BSP Male 3/8" BSP Male

4,528 gal.

(17,140 litres)

5,434 gal.

(20,570 litres)

3,434 gal.

(13,000 litres)

9,510 gal.

(36,000 litres)

HRS-100 spec sheet 3/8" BSP Male 3/8" BSP Male

2,565 gal.

(9,710 litres)

3,079 gal.

(11,655 litres)

1,947 gal.

(7,370 litres)

5, 389 gal.

(20,400 litres)


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