Sinks and Drains

BSI provides a range of innovative hand sinks with unique options for front- and back- of house. Custom shape and size floor drains are also available at the cost of other "off the shelf" products. 


Models Description
HSD Hand sink drawer
HSD-ST Hand sink drawer with soap and towel dispensers
HSHW Hand sink with hot water heater
HSHW-ST Hand sink with hot water heater, soap and towel dispenser - wall mounted
HSIUS Hand sink with integral utility sink
HSTC-ST Hand sink with trash can and soap and towel dispenser
FT Floor trough
FTAS Anti-splash floor trough
FTD Floor trough drain
FTDP Floor trough with integral drain pan
FTS Shallow floor trough
FTSEC Security floor trough with locking grate
FWT Extended walk-in/ice-machine drain


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