Toasters and Grills

A variety of well-designed countertop toasters and grills. Small footprints, easy use, and quality, consistent results are common features between these pieces of equipment. Ranging from easy-to-clean Egg Stations to Vertical contact toasters there is a product to suit a wide range of toasting and grilling needs. 

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Egg Station

Muffin Toaster

Vertical Contact Toaster


Egg Station

The Egg Station is compact and cooks a maximum of 12 individual orders of eggs at once with a combination of heat and steam. This method of cooking produces a softer, more eye-appealing egg. The front portion of the ES-600 model can also heat pre-cooked Canadian bacon.

Egg Station

ES-600 / ES-602 / ES-604 / ES-1200 spec sheet



Egg Station Kit: includes spatula, scraper, and brush.

Plastic Squeeze Bottle: For use with ES-600, ES-604, and ES-1200. Note: minimum order five bottles. 

Teflon Egg Ring: For use with ES-600, ES-1200.

4" Egg Ring Set: Six 4" egg rings for use with ES-604.


Muffin Toaster

The Roundup muffin toaster is stainless steel and includes an audible signal and ready light to improve the efficiency of food turnover. This unit can toast up to 12 muffin halves in 90 seconds and uses an internal temperature sensor to adjust muffin cooking time accordingly for consistent, perfect results. 

Muffin Toaster

MT-12 spec sheet


Vertical Contact Toaster

Contact toasters caramelize the bun surface, keeping the condiments from saturating the bun and are popular with the world's largest hamburger chains. We offer you a variety of choice when it comes to toasting buns. The 4 main models have 6 variations and many electrical options. All Roundup products feature a unique dual sided grill surface for maximum productivity and conveyer system for fast results. The buns are toasted together so there is no guess work as to which crown goes with which heel.

Vertical Contact Toaster 

Vertical Contact Toaster VCT 25/50 spec sheet

Vertical Contact Toaster VCT 1000 spec sheet

Vertical Contact Toaster VCT 2000 spec sheet


Vertical Contact Toaster Accessories:

BW-1; Stainless steel butter wheel. Attaches to top of VCT-20, VCT-50, VCT-1000, or VCT-2000 without use of tools. 

BF-1; Automatic gravity-fed bun feeder for preloading buns into VCT-20, VCT-50, VCT-1000, or VCT-2000.

Low-Profile Bun Feeder; For use with VCT-20, VCT-50, VCT-1000, or VCT-2000 to quickly and easily load buns.

HLZ-1 Heated Bun Buffer; Heated landing zone keeps toasted buns warm. For use with VCT-20, VCT-50, VCT-1000, or VCT-2000.

VCT Damper Kit; Teflon cover for VCT keeps heat contained within unit to save energy.

Heat Shield with Dampers; Heated shield with Teflon cover for VCT keeps heat contained within unit to save energy.


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